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RDMAA Walpole


(RDMAA) is a fun, hard working and enjoyable Kenpo Karate school. Some Martial Arts include either boxing, kicking, or wrestling. This style includes all three, plus a couple extra surprises!  Well balanced and designed for everyone, you will learn two styles of Kenpo... deep rooted traditional Shaolin Kenpo, as well as the much more modern American Kenpo created by one of the most respected Martial Art Minds of all time... Senior Grand Master Ed Parker.
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We are conveniently located on Route 1 in the Express Ice Center at Rodman Arena (formerly Iorio Arena) right above the two ice rinks!  Click on the picture right beside this text to easily find us in the arena using YELP pictures! >>>
Our classes are unlimited so come in for your class as often you'd like! We offer you great workouts while learning practical and applicable self defense. We practice self defense in various ways such as techniques, combinations, forms, grappling (floor work,) and sparring, all while having fun! We teach individually or in group classes at age appropriate levels. Age appropriate classes allow our youngest students play cool games like dodge-ball or run obstacle courses all while learning the core skills of our Martial Art, while our most mature students gain a deeper insight and knowledge of our Art as they journey through it.  Our mission is to help our students become capable, confident Black Belts, but also make it fun to improve the skills it takes to be a true Black Belt and Martial Artist. Though American Kenpo stems from and highly respects traditional Kenpo, it expands upon that significantly in a practical system adapted to protect you in our modern world.

CLICK HERE to tour how to find us in the Arena on YELP!